The Masks That Bind

from by XK Scenario

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I am the lord's reaper incarnate
Shiva and Hades tremble in my wake and now
Awake and breathing I am finally alive
Can't quantify why my mood is so right
The stress of daily life pushed me
Over the edge
Now I pray for those in my path
I'm the wrath of a typhoon
Wrath of a black man
I will rip my enemies
Tendon by tendon
Make them suffer
(Until they've reached)
Heavenly Kingdom

Make them suffer until they've reached
Heavenly Kingdom
(You know where)

Suffer like a child
With no mother
Fry like the cloth of Viet Cong as I napalm our
Entire fucking world
Watching everything you and I love burn
This is hell in our universe
This verse captures you
Snatches you
Detaches your extremities one by one
Until you're a ragdoll
Not able
To produce any
This verse
Sickens anyone sane
So no wonder
I get giddy

Reading this daily
Reading this daily
Reading this daily


Setting myself aflame
I'm a lighter burning myself alive for a sense of calm
Suicide is not what my methods are called
Reached out to God and
Told myself to be stronger than anyone around me
These Fuckboys
In the vicinity
Making me look like divinity
Bastards can't even perceive me
Much less even be near me

In the dead of night
In four or five we each donned
We took a path to your hideout
To wipe out your people and
Stake your land
Take back what
Was taken from the peaceful people
Fight back the
Red evil
No sequel to this madness we will
Lead you on
An exodus
That won't be peaceful cause we will have
What is called
The final
(And on to the breakdown)

(Breaker Breaker)
(Yea we got a problem on 20th ave)
(Can you please get down there)
(To clean up and mop up)
(The shit)

I deviate from the state of mind that consequences stagnation of creation
The state of the nation is parallel
To the life of the written rhyme
If I don't practice we may die
Lifeline between the pen and I
Life lies in the stroke inside
(Life lies in the stroke inside)

The pen is the impregnator
The book is an open womb
Both ready to consummate
Both willin to mate
Both ready to create
And if stars will align at the right time
Maybe the product
Will conduct
Our nation to a new age
A Brave New World all stemmed from one piece of my brain stem
That was hurled
From the heights of my mind
Too high to quantify
The repercussions of eternal peace
Of Soma bottles
Of thought police
That roam the streets
And if the child ain't raised right
They'll beat blacks exclusively

But we got beats to fight back with
We got beats to fight back with

Thought suppression will end
Ill rhyme is the cure to
This sickness
A child that is
Swift and righteous
He might just
Fight for us

Not just us for justice one kid

The Masks That Bind


from FUNKYESOTERIC, released March 26, 2016



all rights reserved


XK Scenario Washington, D.C.

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